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Teesside Photo of the Year WINNER 2014!

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Teesside Photo of the Year 2014 - Winning image by Rachael Devereux

Well, after 12 rounds of voting, 11 for Teesside Photo of the Month and one for Teesside Photo of the Year, we have a victor for 2014!!

Congratulations to Rachael Devereux, winner of Junes monthly competition who has taken this years crown, with this stunning photo of Stocktons Infinity Bridge. A well deserved winner!

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Wednesday, 10 December 2014 19:05

Cafe Ruma, Billingham

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Cafe Ruma, Billingham

Huxley's Brave New World may or may not owe a debt to Billog's industrial past and the town's Picture House, which hosts our cafe, is on Mill Road is one of these start-up, boutique-style gaffs that Huxley could never have predicted a new town would accommodate in 2014.

Chorizo in brandy and red wine sauce isn't a traditional Teesside dish and neither is deep fried haloumi. I doubt soma or recreational sex could justify piri-piri mushrooms in the ICI canteen of old and we can only guess what they would have made of a tapas bar in the industrial vale. But let's not make generalisations.

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Sunday, 12 October 2014 19:48

Meze Lounge, Middlesbrough

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Meze Lounge, Middlesbrough

Going straight to the top of the Trip Advisor charts for places to eat in Teesside upon opening is no mean feat, in fact it automatically makes me wonder whether Meze Lounge is a marketing strategy or a restaurant having done just that since opening in May.

A Gazette article from June sheds some light.

It’s all biased fanfare of course, thinly disguised back scratching tenuously dressed up to a football theme. Basically Bulent Yalcin is a first generation immigrant done good, professional footballer son, coaching pedigree himself (albeit York City juniors) and an engineering background. He’s teamed up with his mate Ozgur Burgaz who he’s known “five or six years” but it’s not clear what their business or cheffing acumen is. What could possibly go wrong. But for now, whether by hook or by crook, it’s the buzz place to eat on Teesside.

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