Teesside Photo of the Month WINNER! - May 2015

Teesside Photo of the Month - May 2015 Winner - David Relph

Congratulations this month goes to David Relph, who won a very close public vote this month with this great shot of Teessides chemical works

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Akbar's Middlesbrough

Akbar's - Middlesbrough

Ah, Akbar’s. For anyone who was a student in the North of England in the mid-1990s the curry wars were a source of late night sustenance for less than the price of 10 Lambert & Butler.

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Kebabish Original / Sherlock’s / The Twisted Lip - Middlesbrough

Kebabish Original / Sherlock’s / The Twisted Lip - Middlesbrough

When Baker Street still had its bunting between the houses I used to imagine a gentle acid trip where tie-dyed beauties handed out Kool Aid, Lisa Simpson sashayed in and out of the streetlight shadows with her sax and a man in a darkened doorway played a soulful harmonica while the rest were inside huddled over their bongs. However the real Baker Street couldn’t be further from the turn on, tune in, drop out ethic of the 60s but that’s okay, communism looked good on paper too but didn’t quite work out in real life.

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Smoggy Apparel

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